The Moose and My Healing from Incurable Cancer

I was 26 years old, newly married, owned a thriving landscape design business, and we had just bought our first house. All my dreams were coming true. It was a green light to the Good Life.

But lurking in the shadows was a deadly enemy and its name would soon be known: cancer. My weight loss accelerated, leaving me a wasteland of skin and bones. Each night I was rocked to the core by furious night sweats and violent chills. Each day I was plagued by fainting spells and debilitating fatigue. In the midst of it all, anger rose up in me like a raging sea; anger from painful past experiences and events. It was a dark and deadly time. By the time the diagnosis came, the cancer was at stage IVB, which meant the cancer had advanced to its final stage. My days were numbered and I well knew it.

Nonetheless, chemotherapy began and, seven grueling months later, I was in remission. Though it was a time of rejoicing, I knew in my spirit that the battle was not yet over. Six months later, the cancer had returned – though not with the same fury as before, but still very much present. This time, radiation was the chosen treatment, and I felt a sense of hope emerging. A hope that was quickly dashed when, after less than a year of remission, the cancer returned.

This time it was vengeful. It was no longer ‘just’ lymphoma; it was now large cell lymphoma and it had penetrated organs and tissues throughout my body by the time it made its presence known. I had only months to live.

I felt I needed to fulfill one final wish before I left this world: to see a moose in its natural habitat, living peacefully without the intrusion of mankind. Although my oncologist warned me that my immune system was so frail that I could die from even an insect bite, I set out on my journey to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was something I simply had to do, something I had to accomplish, just for me, not for anyone else. Not to serve the many wishes and desires and needs and demands of others that were being screamed in my ear day by day. Not for them. Just for me.

And so I rejected the warnings and made the journey. It was through making this journey that I was presented with the option: to live or to die. This moment came at the end of a very long day, when the journey was nearing completion.

My body was distressed, broken and my sprite crushed as I had yet to achieve what I had wanted from the journey but I was about to be given much more that I had ever expected.

Following an excited squeal from a fellow enthusiasts, I found myself in the presence of three bull moose as they sat nearby in the shadow of Long’s Peak, one of the most photogenic sights In the Rocky Mountains. They were so tranquil, it was as if I were their best friend.

After attending the institute and having completed 30 days for my new nutritional lifestyle and feeling the best o had in 6 years, I was scheduled for an appointment with my oncologist.

They were so tranquil, it was as if I were their best friend.

Then, I heard the words, ‘Choose life,’- words that came to me as audibly as if there speaker were standing before me. I knew then and there that, despite what I had been told, I had a choice – I could choose whether to live or to die.

There was more life for me to live and I could decide to take it or not. I heeded the voice, which I believe with all my heart to have been the voice of God, my Creator.

The next day chemotherapy began.

Despite my oncologist insistence that I should not expect remission, I rejected his opinion on the matter. I shared my story, which he dismissively endured, and I told him that I would be healed. Just six months later I was in remission. I knew, however, that there was more healing to be done.

Just a few months later, daily wondering when the first sign would appear, while at lunch with a client, I inquired about his wife. He explained that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer and then went on to tell me of her recovery through whole, natural foods nutrition.

He knew a bit of my story though not in great detail. It just never seemed pertinent or appropriate fodder in the redesign of his vacation home. But what he knew touched his heart and the next day he and his wife returned to me with an offer- an all-expense paid trip and enrollment to an institute in Massachusetts renowned for its nutritional healing philosophies and the very place where she had found her own healing.

That gift became my second miracle when I was again given the gift of life.

The grim statistics of a three time recurring cancer and the condition of my body following 5 years of grueling treatments, led my Oncologist to believe the only chance remaining to save my life remained was an emergency bone marrow transplant which he was certain I had delayed too long already. But even that change came with a mere 10% chance of survival.

I kept the appointment, though knowing by that time, that I would not go through with the procedure. I simply needed to share with him face to face my experience and my intentions. And so, I told him that I would no longer continue any treatments but instead was intent to embrace nutrition as my cure.
‘I’ll stand at your funeral within a year,’ he declared. That was the last time I ever saw him. It has been nearly 17 years. I’ve never looked back except to give thanks for that voice in the forest that summer day in Colorado and for the client who answered the plea for the cure to my disease.

Simply stated, nutrition saved my life. And why wouldn’t it? I realized that God, the one who had made me in the first place, had also given me perfect provision for healing and wellness. You have been given the same gift. And that, my friends, is my mission.

In the years that have followed, fitness has rebuilt my broken body and even helped me overcome the chemo induced congestive heart failure I suffered. It has also become my passion.

I’m now 50, strong, healthy, muscular, lean… I’m a machine. And I want the same for you!

It may not be cancer. It may be obesity… Maybe just a few pounds… Maybe simply a weak body all from years of neglect. Maybe the onset of diabetes or high blood pressure. It may be that you just want to avoid it all now before it catches up with you later. What ever your health or wellness goals may be, whatever your physical need and goal is at this moment, I want to help you not just survive but overcome as I have.
If you want that… If you want a second chance at your best life, I want to help you achieve it.

Carl Mason