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Welcome!!  We have an EXCITING program for you! This one is designed as an intensive nutrtional course to make sure that quality nutrition becomes your go to lifestyle!

Let me take you on a journey!

I’ll give you some basic guidelines for simple, real, even traditional nutrition. And then…

I’ll  guide you for a full month to help you conquer your primary bad habits, dispel common confusion, displace old mindets and lay a solid new foundation for a lifestyle of authentic nutrition.

And guess what? No diet or deprivation! There WILL be abundance!

You will experience:

– Weight Loss

– Increased Energy

– Lower Blood Pressure

– Lower Cholesterol

– Healthier Digestion and Improved Gut Function

– Lower Blood Sugar

– Mental Clarity

– Healthier Skin

-Natural Healing from Inflammatory Illness and Disease

-Increased Defense Against Cancer and Disease

-Support for Healing from Pre-existing Health Concerns

-Reduced and elimination of allergies

-Better Sleep

-Improved Mood

So much more

The Taste of Life is a single focused opportunity to get your nutrition to top notch status as a lifestyle that reaps RESULTS!

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I am getting in eating 6 times a day – 3 square meals and 3 snack meals. Feel like I’m a cow as I’m constantly grazing LOL! It really amazes me because I used to be close to starving myself to try keep the weight off, now I’m eating decent, wholesome meals and losing weight! Love this program!!



Woo-hoo, I am so stoked. I broke the 120 kg mark today – officially 119.8 kg’s. I can’t believe it. I’ve not been this weight in I can’t remember how long. Next goal the 110kg mark. I’m now 42kg’s lighter than my heaviest weight. Thanks for helping my transformation.


So I went for my annual momentum health assessment yesterday.. Blood pressure 128/81.. Cholesterol 4.5 mmol/L.. Glucose 4.8 mmol/L. I have lost 9kg (10% of my body weight) All thanks to Carl Mason and all the members, Thanks!


Last week I weighed 144, then Sat I weighed 141.6. Today it was 140.6. Eating mindfully/deliberately/healthfully even when on the run is helping my energy fluctuations and obviously my weight. To abate my hunger while shopping at Central Market late this afternoon, I got cashews and an organic apple


So I’m going out this evening, getting ready and loving the way I feel and look in my (old) clothes.
Already seeing results, feeling motivated and wanted to send a shout out to you! Thank you for being such an incredible coach and thoughtful friend – you change lives ????????


Ok, so everyone is bragging about weight loss…lol Here is mine. 18months ago a very tight 36 waist. Three months of Masons and I am a very loose 34. It feels insanely great!!


Dear Carl L Mason, so today for the first time in 3 years I have finally hit the below 80kg mark! The last 3 months has been amazing, even though sometimes it’s the equivalent of having kidney stones 😬 it has been worth all the blood sweat and tears. I want to say thank you for you patience and encouragement! Your knowledge of health, nutrition and exercise is just amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️Looking forward to the next 3 months!


I have to say for the first time in over a year I made hit the first step to my goal! I have been fighting with weight range of 151 to 164 and today I finally hit 149! I think the last while it was losing fat but gaining muscle. I am feeling great and getting complements so changes are taking place.


H O L Y SHIRATAKI! Month two measurements done. 102cm’s in two months!!!!!! Have you ever? Because I have NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Want to share my achievements with y’all… I have lost a total of 39.5cm all over my body in only 2 months. Carl , you and the team have changed my life! Thank you all for being such an amazing support through this transformation. Looking forward to next season too!!


Can’t wait to leave the office and get to the gym. Never thought I would be excited about exercising. This challenge has really flipped a switch in my brain. I’m no longer focused on the number on the scale, my motivation now is my health and feeling good. I really feel alive.


Just over 2 weeks into my training program & I am trimmer, fitter & stronger! And best of all, my obliques are starting to peep through! :-):-):-) Still have my belly fat to lose, but at least I can say there is PROGRESS!!! :-):-):-)Thank you!!!


After enduring a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation I’ve had a difficult time feeling “normal” again. Combine that with morbid obesity, diabetes, and psoriasis each day was a challenge. Then, I finally took the plunge and asked Carl for help. He has gently guided me through and was always there for support an encouragement. I am happy to report for the first time in many years, I feel GREAT! I’ve lost over 30 pounds, energy is through the roof, and friends & family are telling me I’ve never looked better. The best thing about this journey? I have not felt deprived for one second. I’m eating more food than ever but it’s healthy, clean food. No more sugar cravings, no more carb cravings. I don’t count calories instead I allow my body to tell me what and how much it needs. Weight loss has been effortless.


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A whole-food, pant-based nutrition challenge!

You know it’s time for change, but it can be daunting to shift your eating habits!

Wellness experts Carl Mason and Jenny Hunter have made it easier than ever to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Once you get a Taste of Life, you’ll feel the healing benefits of whole-foods, plant-based nutrition.

The challenge Includes:

🌱7 Day Whole Food Detox that will reset your metabolism, prepare your body to absorb and apply the nutrients in the coming weeks.

🌱The Taste Of Life Nutritional Strategy PDF

🌱Whole Foods Pantry Guide

🌱A Daily Juice Guide with recipes

🌱A Guide to Your Best Protein Sources

🌱Informative, Motivational, And Challenging Live Videos

🌱An Intermittent Fasting Protocol

🌱30 Easy Recipes, 1 a day delivery

🌱A Sample Menu

🌱Simple Lifestyle Suggestions

🌱4 FREE 30 minute Coaching Calls with Carl

🌱A Daily Support in a Secret FB Community

🌱Daily Access to Carl and Jenny for all you Q&A

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