creating a healthy lifestyle

Do you have a hobby? Like fishing, camping, hiking, reading, movies. Hobbies are great tools to a happy and healthy life BUT health and fitness are not to be confused with your hobbies. These two are goals, though they can and should be fun, exciting, even relaxing and refreshing they aren’t there for entertainment. They are there to transform your body, your life and keep it that way. And for that reason, creating a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal. But how do you do that? How do take the gym, healthy nutrition and all the other elements of health and wellness and begin creating a healthy lifestyle?

Consistency is Key

I spoke in our community recently on this topic saying “Your success comes from consistency. You have to each day take ACTION….rinse, lather, repeat. Action taken consistently, a strategic step every day in progression toward the goal changes your body, your life. Clean, whole foods nutrition consumed consistently, changes your body and your life. That fitness plan, completed faithfully and done with a purpose changes your body, your life. All of it done consistently together creates a healthy lifestyle that is no longer a chore or a challenge but a source of life, sustenance and potential.

CONSISTENCY is your best friend on this journey. Don’t chase rabbits. You know the ones… those gadgets and the shiny, techy equipment sold in those famous infomercials…those weight loss potions and powders that promise to make it easy and quick….even those magazine articles that feature a perfect fitness model promising those swift results to look just like them. They don’t work for creating a healthy lifestyle and they never will for that matter. They are distractions that lead to inconsistency and not results.

And don’t fall prey to the grass is greener on the other side. It isn’t! The grass is just as green as your consistency in care of it. Uh huh, I said it! This is YOUR responsibility! And don’t make room for every voice in your head. There are a LOT of voices in this industry. Most of them, dare I say, do not empower a lifestyle. They talk about results. Most achieve results. That does not mean they don’t all do so authentically, naturally, healthily in a mission of creating a healthy lifestyle. I even read a blog this week that tried to convince me that I could achieve great results and look like him without giving up a daily junk food habit. SERIOUSLY? You can be assured that I left him a comment…hehe!

Don’t Let Life Derail You From Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

I see this almost daily. One day life comes knocking on the door as a test of whether or not this journey is a hobby or a lifestyle in the making. A cold is caught, an extra meeting tossed into the schedule, a new job opportunity, a remodeling project, the loss of a client, a family need or crisis. In response, the wheels fall off and in spite of all the promises to me, the community, themselves, the wheels are never back on the track. Their results quickly wither away, momentum is lost, the passion dimmed and in most cases it occurs just as they were seeing their results accelerate. As I said…it is a test! And honestly, few pass. Why? Because, despite their enthusiasm, their goals and intentions they never really thought about it as creating a healthy lifestyle. It was, though they would never call it such, a hobby…the next “in” thing to do, the right thing to do. When the wind shifted, the storm came, it was but a little hobby, a side project that could be laid aside for another day. The problem is that once this occurs, another day never comes.

Let me put it this way. Brushing your teeth is an action of a lifestyle…wouldn’t you agree? When you get sick, you lose your job, move or whatever else happens in life, you still brush your teeth. You still put clean clothes on, comb your hair and shower so why is your health any different? Why stop eating clean and training? Seriously, why does that element of your lifestyle get the boot? After all, it is actually more important than brushing your teeth and combing your hair. (But please don’t stop those either! Lol) I’m being serious here. Your health and wellness through whole foods nutrition and fitness is one of the MOST important elements of your life. And so putting your best, most consistent efforts into creating a healthy LIFESTYLE is certainly a priority.

Let Me tell you a quick story.

I had a client a few years back who fell down the stairs and crushed her ankle. I mean crushed it! Major surgery with steel plates and the works took place. Prognosis…one year recovery, NO physical activity! That was not on her agenda. Yes, she would be wise and listen to the doctors but she had worked consistently at creating a healthy lifestyle and she was NOT going to surrender to it. She asked about various ways that she could work out. The Dr.’s declined. So she kept eating clean. Asked some more and within 2 months she was beginning to do some simple activity. And now that is slowly but surely accelerating and it is not a year later but a few months later. Now that is a woman after my own heart!

Can I just interject that I too have been there, done that with cancer and congestive heart failure. So do you see what I am saying here? You can begin your journey with a hobby mindset or you can begin it with the mindset of creating a healthy lifestyle. The latter will endure the tests that are certain to come. The latter will serve you for life. Which is it then? As I say so often, the choice is yours but I certainly hope you choose the lifestyle path rather than that of a hobby! You deserve the results! Will you join me?