Why this Program is Unique


100% Guaranteed Results

M60 Reboot is the evolution of a weight loss, health and fitness regime I’ve honed and implemented for 20 years… and it reaps results. Stick to the plan with discipline, passion and purpose, even if you’ve failed on every other diet and fitness program in the past and you will be transformed! To show you how sure I am, I even offer a FULL refund after the 60 days! All you have to do is follow the program and if you don’t achieve results your money is refunded.


Authentic, Living Foods Plans and Shopping Lists

I don’t eat boring food and I’m not asking you to either. Despite what many diets propose, you CAN get healthy, lean and fit and still eat foods loaded with the richness, flavor  and satisfaction that you seek and LOVE – I promise. This plan teaches you how to discover and implement authentic and living foods with a palate pleasing gratification that will amaze you! A blend of seasonal foods, organic and free range selections, with Paleo, Vegan, Macrobiotics, Banting influences all combined, you’ll neither feel deprived or malnourished! In fact, once you make it through the initial Reboot phase, you’ll soar into an abundance lifestyle with results that last.


Supplement Protocols

Although this protocol is optional and, yes, many supplements on the market are useless hype, I propose a few key supplements to support your hormones, muscle growth, fat loss, metabolism, carbohydrate utilization, and insulin sensitivity alongside the robust, living foods that increase fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously.


Private Support Group & Daily Motivation

One of our key strengths is PERSONAL and DAILY support.. .I spend all day, everyday helping YOU in a private FB group, offering a growing database of beneficial information including recipes, nutritional data, bonus workouts and more alongside personal and group input, experiences, motivation and support!!! It’s simply priceless when you participate actively!


Burn Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously

I’ve designed a workout plan, which when combined with the nutritional guidelines, enables you to burn fat and build muscle without the boredom or isolation that other programs offer. The workouts are short, to the point, creative and effective. 30 minutes of focused effort and you’re out the door and on with life!


System of Accountability

I’m not a fan of excuses! I’ve been there done that with many clients before and I know for a fact that excuses don’t deliver results no matter how valid they may appear. Purposeful, strategic action regardless of “life” is what does! So with a kind and gentle, yet firm hand, I’ll motivate you for a NO EXCUSES mindset! I’ve built in daily, weekly and monthly accountability throughout the program. That will not only dispell any possible excuses but also motivate and inspire each member. So, embrace it and you’ll be transformed.


  • You’ll get strategically planned workouts designed to maximize fat loss, optimize gains and achieve lean muscle tone in a short, intense and targeted routines.
  • The training regime is designed to lay a foundation of form and function along with mobility and strength without excess time, wear and tear.
  • The workout structure is progressive, building on itself and keeping your body challenged for maximum change.
  • The supplement plan will support your workouts and significantly increase fat loss.
  • You’ll get access to the REBOOT nutrition guidelines for the first 30 days to break habits, establish healthy ones in their place and launch the body into healing, health and strength for life.
  • After the REBOOT you’ll get even more living foods nutritional guidelines where you learn how to implement authentic, living foods into a lifestyle and discipline for optimal health.
  • A bit of GREAT news! You can still enjoy your food! 🙂 You’ll even learn how to enjoy some of your all time favs in a healthier way with no feelings of deprivation or starvation.
  • You’ll get a comprehensive pantry list containing over 100 food items to choose from alongside loads of recipes on the community page!
  • You’ll learn how to optimize your nutrition for results with discussions on topics such as carb timing, quality consumption and portioning.
  • Loads of articles, posts and tips on all things nutrition, fitness and healthy mindset to heartily feed your new lifestyle.

No confusion or guess work needed!

Designed for Results


Nutrition for Fat Loss

Diets fail but M60 REBOOT is not a diet. It is a lifestyle! If you follow the guidelines established in the program, you will create a life of health, vitality, energy, strength and endurance. You’ll lose fat, build muscle and empower the body for a lifetime of well-being.


Training for Gains

This training program is designed for dual results. While losing fat, you’ll pack on muscle for a lean, strong well defined physique. It won’t take hours in the gym either because it is strategically simple, to the point and effective training with a dynamic combination of targeted movements for results!


Gut Health for Lifelong Heath

Your gut is the heart of your health. And unlike most programs on the market, M60 REBOOT focuses on a strong gut for a strong body. With raw, traditionally fermented and living foods at the center of attention, especially in month 2, your gut health will soar and as it does your body will respond with incredible results.


More Food, More Life

As noted before, this is not a diet. There is no deprivation and starvation but instead abundance and an explosion of nutrition that will have you eating more, losing fat, gaining strength and healing all at once. More food, more life will be the order of each day in M60 REBOOT.