Food. Who doesn’t love it? 😉 But it is more than flavor and pleasure. It is The Taste of Life. Learn how to use nutrition to empower your health, your passions and dreams with the best ingredients nature has provided, in perfect balance and harmony, in tastebud tantalizing ways that you’ll never get bored of and never regret! Life empowered by food! Hello! I’m Carl, the founder of Masons and I will take you there. Without deprivation, without yo-yo diets, without anything made in a factory, I will reveal The Taste of Life! Are you ready? 😉

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Getting Results

Using authentic, natural, living foods nutrition and specialized supplements you will, as have 100’s before you, achieve rapid results from weight loss to healing… your best body,  best life.


Keeping it Real

Real food is your best tool for health and most powerful defense against illness. But it must be real. And that’s what this program will teach you. What is real food? You’re about to find out and begin an amazing journey of discovery.

Keeping it Simple

Real food is simple. And I’m determined to prove it in this program. I’m confident that The Taste of Life will reveal food and health in a simplistic manner that will serve you well for powerful results and a sustainable lifestyle.

Discovering Life Through Authentic Nutrition